IMO Free Video Calls and Chat Fast Download For Android

IMO Free Video Calls and Chat – IMO App is a free social messaging and video calling messenger. It is rated as one of the best social messaging apps for free video calls and chat. You can make unlimited video calls and messages to family and friends via Wi-Fi or another data service from the network operator. IMO calling app gets you connected quickly no matter how far you are for free. IMO Messenger is free on android market which you can download for free. Start experiencing the high standard features of IMO 2017 even in low-speed connection.

IMO App Download is available for all devices and works on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. The voice and video quality features are up to standards which display excellent picture quality even in low-speed connection. The recent success of IMO application is spreading on social media platforms that are reason company released IMO beta version also. It’s easy to use, the friendly interface adds an advantage to the app. Let’s look at some of its features.

IMO Free Video Calls and Chat Features

  1. Make a High – quality video and voice calls from Android and iPhone devices.
  2. With IMO you can send and receive unlimited messages
  3. Free video and voice call over 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection*
  4. Make Group video calls with family and friends.
  5. Share memories by sending pictures and videos.
  6. IMO Free Video Calls and Chat are encrypted
  7. Express yourself with hundreds of inbuilt stickers
  8. IMO App Free Download is optimized for Android tablets
  9. No need to pay any more for Calls and messages.

IMO Video Calls:

IMO Free Video Calls and Chat features best in class video calls to friends and family on any device with an even low-speed data connection. The quality of the video is amazing, and the simple user interface makes easy for users to call at the tip of fingers without any confusion. Voice quality is clear and loud and picture displays high definition quality.

IMO APP Messaging:

Messaging and chatting is so much fun with the IMO App, also available IMO for PC. The app has added a feature such as inbuilt stickers which display hundreds of emojis and characters to express you. This feature makes things more interesting while chatting with family and friends.

IMO Messenger vs. Whatsapp Messenger

The IMO app has serious competitors in the Android market one such is Whatsapp which is quite popular. The difference between IMO and Whatsapp is its video calling features and simple and user-friendly interface. IMO Messenger makes video calls at a lower connection.

It has the edge over Whatsapp is there for a long time now in Android market. IMO Free Video Calls and Chat is a new and trending app among users as it can perform both message and video calls effortlessly in different variations of network speed. Download IMO is must to get all benefits of the app.

IMO Plus 2017 vs. Skype App

Well, IMO and Skype is two separate applications concerning social applications for Smartphone’s or PC. Skype is dedicated solely to Video calls whereas IMO is a social app for both instant messaging and video calls. It offers a wide range of features as listed above, sharing pictures and instant chats are easy to perform with IMO. Skype is not so good in this area and does not send messages in low-speed connection. IMO Free Video Calls and Chat make it so easy for instant message and video chats.

The Overall quality of IMO Free Video Calls and Chat is great. As now we have entered into 4G technologies connecting to family and friends is so important. IMO ChatApp provides best in class quality on video calls and chat. The instant chat service available in this application helps the user to communicate faster with friends and family.

You are secured as all your messages are encrypted that’s an important aspect as new generation users look for security with any social messaging applications. IMO is gaining popularity in play store with millions of download at fast speed, and the rating is also high.

Download IMO Free Video Calls and Chat For Android & PC

Users can experience high standard video calls and chats also explore new features the application has to offer. IMO APK can easily be classified as next-generation social media app for free video calls and chat as it features options which are so user-friendly. Android smartphones are incomplete without this app, as the user will experience a special bond with IMO it connects with family and friends instantly.


IMO Free Video Calls and Chat – It is the best app currently in the Android market. IMO features list of options which is user-friendly to connect with friends and family instantly. The quality and security that’s on offer with exceptional standards. Overall quality of voice and image display on call is an advantage for users.

The encrypted chat and call feature make the users feel safe about all the personal conversation which gives it an edge over other social messaging application. The IMO Free Video Calls and Chat app is a must try for all user who wants to connect with friends and family from any device.

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